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Have you ever planned a trip, wishing you could skip the overwhelming research and instead just talk to a local insider for everything you needed to know? Yep, so did Erin, and that’s exactly why she founded The Locallist. With a knack for planning and a passion for her own city, she’s set out to connect people to their perfect places and experiences while visiting Chicago. The Locallist crafts trip itineraries for clients through a simple, tailored process enriched with plenty of local expertise.

collage of brand development and custom logo design

Visual strategy

As part of my brand strategy development process, we knew we needed to create a visual identity that balanced notions of quality, sophistication, trustworthiness, and tailored with feelings of being welcoming, approachable, and personal. To accomplish this, the design utilizes classic type, has a feeling of structure and refinement, and incorporates rich colors. I balanced this with a warm hue reminiscent of leather, plus an unexpected highlight of the two words in the name. These details provide a personal, hand crafted touch. It was also important to infer ease, simplicity, and polish. So all visual presence remains clean, feels light, and doesn’t include anything extra or cluttered.

We carried the brand through to the client itinerary deliverable, a custom set of icons representing activity categories, social graphics, and the new site‘s design.

set of custom designed icons
girl holding cell phone showing social media graphic
phone showing social media graphics
computer on desk showing custom website
screenshot of web page

“When I decided to finally start my business, I thought I could do it all myself. I was wrong … I needed Rachel.

Rachel is a swiss army knife of marketing, branding, technology, project management, and most importantly … a problem-solver. She took my half-baked ideas and made them come alive. She is exceptionally organized and will keep you on track when you’re about to fall behind and focused on the most important issues when you’re getting stuck in the weeds. In short, my business is exponentially better due to working with Rachel. I recommend without hesitation.”


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