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Her Blank Canvas is an organization dedicated to serving and empowering women in transition. Through a diverse, inclusive community and network of programs, their goal is to facilitate each individual’s personal discovery of identity and purpose, foster meaningful connections, and teach how to grow through faith. Their personality is welcoming, fun, sophisticated, and bold – both in their faith and investment in themselves.

After running Her Blank Canvas for several years, founder Bree knew it was time to refocus the organization’s mission and ramp up, and that a rebrand would be necessary to correctly represent where the brand was headed and better appeal to the target audience. We worked together to develop a brand strategy and visual identity that not only meets these needs, but is bursting with purpose and symbolism as well.

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Visual strategy

Through my brand strategy development process, we learned the visual solution needed to be welcoming of a wide range of women from all walks of life, and to allow these individuals to shine as the stars, not compete with them. It also needed to infer strength and conviction, balanced with feelings of vibrancy, personality, and community. Lastly, we knew the design needed to have a slightly feminine edge, but nothing too over the top so as to remain appealing to a wide audience.

The result is an overall bold and simple look with a mostly neutral, warm color palette to welcome all women, show strength, and complement each individual’s journey. This is punctuated with hits of bright red, symbolizing the blood of Jesus and new life, while injecting a passionate, fun energy. The interplay between the letterforms symbolizes community, a direct representation of individuals coming together to make an impactful whole. Most striking, though, is the butterfly mark, which we included to convey transformation and represent each woman’s unique qualities and vibrancy. I crafted this typically feminine, organic form to be hard-edged to infer strength.

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“Working with Rachel on our rebranding project was such a fabulous experience.

We had very specific needs and Rachel was able to not only execute the vision, but exceed everything we hoped for. Something that was very important to me was the design of our butterfly. I wanted a powerful mark that represented transformation in women, and Rachel nailed it. I actually cried when I first saw it because it was everything it I hoped it would be; and recently got it tattooed on my wrist to remind myself to stay encouraged throughout this journey.

Rachel is such a gift, because she designs with her whole heart and wants her clients to succeed. Many times during this process, I would say to myself “wow, Rachel really understands our brand!” From start to finish the process was seamless. My favorite part was building the brand strategy. As a new brand, we had a lot of ideas of what we wanted, but didn’t know how to put it all together. Before Rachel starts designing, you go through a brand discovery period where she makes sure all your ideas achieve your goals through design. It was a vital part of the process for us because it helped us establish what our brand was and what it wasn’t.

It was truly a wonderful experience and we’re looking forward to working with her moving forward.”


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