rooted in strategy, full of purpose, and thoughtfully crafted to help create lasting success for your business

Hey there, small business leader. I see you doing your thing.

I see your amazing ideas, your compelling content, your endless passion, your hustle. And I know that in the midst of doing all the things, ultimately, you’ve got an audience to captivate and big goals to accomplish. Is your visual presence working for you in your efforts to achieve success?

If your first thought was “weelllll…” or if you had even the slightest hesitation to answer that question with a confident “heck yes!”, you might also agree with some of these:

  • It’s time to level up your branding and strengthen your brand equity
  • You’re not head over heels in love with every pixel and piece of your visual presence. Or worse, you know deep down it’s not an accurate representation of your business, or that it’s not resonating with your target audience.
  • You’re over DIY or sketchy branding and design work, and you’re ready to bring in a high quality pro you can rely on.
  • You know the importance of investing in your business to achieve long-term success.

graphic designer's desk with hands on computer

I got your back. I would truly love to help you by providing:

  • A partner you can rely on to provide value and expertise, deliver high quality service and work, and make things seriously easy for you
  • A visual presence that perfectly represents your business, attracts your ideal tribe, looks professional, and fills you up with pride and confidence
  • A passionate teammate who’s genuinely excited about your business and fully invested in your success
  • Freedom from DIY or less-than-ideal design work, so you can get back to what you do best with peace of mind
  • An organized, process-oriented pro who’s focused on crafting designs rooted in strategy and full of purpose

“I absolutely love working with Rachel!

She’s creative, SO quick and very detailed oriented. I adore the enthusiasm she has for our brand and the endless creative options she comes up with when presented with an idea. I highly recommend working with Rachel for any of your graphic design needs.”



Branding (and rebranding)

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve outgrown your current look, you need a brand identity that’s just as special as the work you do and the way you serve your people. One that’s built specifically for your business’s unique mix of offering, audience, and marketplace. One that’s crafted with a holistic mindset and informed by a purposeful strategy. One that isn’t based on trends. One you’ll be proud to have for where you are today and where you’re going tomorrow. One that really works. And one you’re truly confident in and excited to share with the world.

So I’ll ask lots of questions, I’ll lead you through my tried-and-true process, and together we’ll find the clarity we need to develop the perfect solution for you and your audience.

custom business cards on marble background


Starts with:

  • Brand discovery and visual strategy
  • Custom logo design (primary and secondary logos + brand mark(s)
  • Color palette
  • Font system
  • Brand guidelines

Let’s develop a unique package for you based on your needs. Custom patterns, graphics, social graphics, collateral, web design, or whatever best suits your business can be added.




I’ll give you a slew of in-depth questions focused on your business, target audience, and competitive landscape



I’ll take that info you provided, analyze it, and hone it into a crystal clear summary and plan for how to translate everything into visuals. Once approved, this will be our foundational guide for decisions going forward.



I’ll dive in on the exploration and development of multiple logo concepts, and will present to you 2-3 logo options along with a color palette. If needed, I’ll make revisions until it perfectly aligns with our strategy.



I’ll develop a font system (and any additional brand elements in your package), and compile everything into a high level brand sheet. This allows you to see the entire identity together before finalizing.



I’ll develop a comprehensive document that includes the key points from your brand strategy, as well as guidelines for how to use your brand system in all applications to create a consistent presence.



If you have collateral or other deliverables in your package, we’ll develop a strategy and action plan to begin working through those.

Design Support

Perhaps we’ve worked together in creating your dream visual identity through my branding service, and down the line you want to make sure your new brand is applied seamlessly to some ongoing or additional items. Or maybe you already have branding that’s working for you, but you need a pro’s help to update or create new assets. Whatever the case, I’m happy to help out with any of your graphic design needs on whichever basis makes sense for you, whether project, ongoing, or retainer. You can count on me to be a trusted, true member of the team, who works with you to make your life easier.

woman holding phone showing screenshot from Instagram Stories


This service is completely customizable based on your project and needs. But the types of things I can help with include:

  • Digital design (social media graphics, media kits, downloads, PDFs, blog graphics, etc.)
  • Print design (business cards, stationery, brochures, product tags, etc.)
  • Web design
  • Whatever else you need or can dream up – let’s chat