Freelance graphic designer with a passion for providing high quality, intentional design services to brands and brides

freelance graphic designer sitting on couch

Hey there, I’m Rachel. Here are some things you’ll find when you work with me:


I like to say that I have a knack for balancing the big picture and the tiny details. What I mean by that is, on one hand, you can expect your finished product to be beautiful and polished, with technical finesse and extreme attention to detail. That’s a given. But because it’s part of my process to dig in and truly understand your vision, it will also be rooted in strategy and full of purpose. A pretty design can only take you so far if it doesn’t thoughtfully fit into a bigger picture and align with a holistic strategy.


WAHOO! *remembers she’s in public* Ok, in all seriousness, I’m incredibly passionate about what I do, and love collaborating with others to create something awesome. I’m deeply inspired by and excited about your

businesses, ideas, weddings, and projects. I promise I’ll be a true partner and champion for you who’s fully invested in your success. It’s always an honor when clients let me into their business or life to help with something majorly important to them, and I never take it for granted.


Working with me means you’re putting an expert in your corner. A partner you can rely on to provide value, deliver high quality service and work, and make things simple for you. You’ll have access to my easy project management system, so you’ll have full transparency to the process every step of the way. Missed deadlines aren’t a thing around here.


I’m running a business here, yes, but I’m also a very real human who enjoys doing good work with good people. I care about what’s right. I’m transparent and flexible. And I’ll always do what I say.

freelance graphic designer sitting on couch with notebook

A Little Background

After graduating with a degree in graphic design, I spent seven years working on small in-house marketing and sales teams. Through this experience, I gained a unique perspective in balancing high level strategy and business goals with creative solutions and solid design. But ultimately, something was missing. I felt a calling in my heart to dedicate myself to the work I was passionate about doing, and to partner with awesome clients in a deeply meaningful way. And so in December of 2017, I packed up my corporate office to start Rachel Fisher Creative. I haven’t looked back since!

When I’m not behind my computer, you can probably find me nerding out over any of these things: travel, cooking and baking, true crime content, animals, interior design, photography, picking out the perfect gift, breakfast foods, Jeopardy, Moscow mules made with cucumber vodka, thrift stores, riding a tandem bicycle with my husband, and loving on our rescue pup. I also make a darn good whiskey cake, just FYI.

I’m based in Chicago but totally down with long distance relationships.

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